There is a protocol to the handling, cutting and serving of wedding cakes. This is hardly surprising because just about everything in a traditional wedding is governed by etiquette and protocol. Many couples, no matter how formal or informal the wedding is, most wedding couples try to observe wedding cake protocol. Protocol for wedding cakes includes the following:
  • The cake should always be displayed at the reception on a beautifully decorated table. It should be in front of the bride’s table and set so that while it’s is on display it does not block a view of the head table. An ornamental knife should be placed on the table.
  • Protocol demands that the cake must be cut at the right time in the reception. For informal ceremonies and receptions this means serving it after the guests have been received and toasts have been given. For formal ceremonies it should be served after the main dinner.
  • An announcement that the cake is to be cut should always precede the actual cutting of the cake, this allows mingling guests to view the ceremony.
  • The bride should hold the knife in her right hand and the groom should stand slightly behind her with his right hand covering hers to make the cut, the first slice should be fed by the groom to the bride and the second bite should be offered by the bride to the groom.
  • After the cutting of the cake and the first bites, a family member or member of the catering staff should cut the serving slices.
  • The cake should be served with coffee or the beverage of the guest’s choice, guests should also be offered the opportunity to box up their piece in a gift box to take home